“I loved being in a class with many different nationalities. I had to speak English at all times in lessons. I made new friends from all over the world.”

“My experience at Churchill House has been useful because I have learned a lot and my pronunciation and speaking have improved a lot. I also have visited new places like Oxford, London, Margate and Broadstairs so now I know more about England.”

“For me the experience was fantastic. I’ve met a lot of friends, there was lots of places to visit and the staff were wonderful. I will never forget Churchill House.”

“I’ve always thought I was a big city girl and never thought I would adapt to Ramsgate so well. Ramsgate makes you feel like a resident in such a short period of time. Believe me, this town is a beautiful place.”

“There are activities every evening. This is great as it gives you an opportunity to meet new students, to have fun, and to improve your English as well.”

“My English wasn’t very good, I had only studied English for three years at school. I couldn’t speak the language and I understood nothing. After five months I took the First Certificate Exam (FCE) and I passed it. The teacher prepared me perfectly for that exam.”

“My host family is perfect. My host mother and father always talk to me, they help me with everything and all the family are great. The accommodation is very good and the food is perfect”.

“Ramsgate is the perfect place to improve your English. The atmosphere is nice and the city is lovely. Even my first impression was very good and I was immediately excited about the idea of having a great time here. Then I met my host family and my adventure started!”

  • Luca Narizzano
  • Lisa Bianchi
  • Felipe Meyer
  • Yaprak Civan
  • Fawaz Al Khattabi
  • Fabienne Conrad
  • Ignacio Garrido
  • Francesco Esposito

Adult Courses

English courses for adult students with a wide variety of language lessons and homestay accommodation available at our Ramsgate main school.

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