Groups that book our transfer arrival service will be collected at the airport by a member of Churchill House staff. They will be met at their arrival gate and may be grouped with other students that have chosen a shared transfer service. Groups will be accompanied at all times by a member of staff during any waiting time spent at the airport (an maximum of 3 hours).


Groups that book a transfer departure service will be taken to the airport by one of the school’s fully licensed and trusted courier companies. They will be dropped off at their departure terminal for the group leader to check the group in for their flight.The maximum waiting time groups can spend prior to checking in is 3 hours. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Churchill House offers excellent group transfer rates and in doing so, the company may choose to merge the transfer of any group with another group or student. No group paying our standard transfer rate is entitled to exclusivity on their airport transfer. To request an exclusive transfer, please contact your sales agent for a quote.
  • To allow for other groups or students to share the mode of transfer provided by Churchill House, all groups are liable to wait up to three hours for their transport from the airport. For the same reason, all groups are also liable to wait up to three hours at the airport prior to their departure flight. If you wish to minimise these waiting times by upgrading to an exclusive airport transfer, please contact your sales agent for a quote.
  • This group transfer service must be booked in advance. In order to guarantee collection, we must have your flight details at least one week before arrival. Without these details we cannot collect you and payment may not be refunded.
  • Transfers to the airport for a departure flight leave at least 5 hours before the plane is scheduled to depart. These times can be altered to suit the needs of any group and it is the agent/group leader’s responsibility to adequately liaise with the school's transfers department to plan departure times for any group.
  • Significant flight delays on arrival must be relayed to the school via any of our emergency numbers so that we can reschedule the time our courier service will leave for the airport. Failure to inform the school will likely result in a group being charged for any waiting time or for another mode of transport. All extra fees will be payable upon arrival at the school.

 For further information, please use our contact us form to ask any questions you may have.