Our junior group programmes are extremely popular. We believe that this is due to a perfect combination of high quality English language classes and exciting leisure programmes. At Churchill House we have a “learning through leisure” ethos and this is extremely important with junior students. Lessons for junior groups should be fun and interesting, their activity programme should help them develop as people as well as promote the use of English, and excursions should present students with new experiences and an insight into a different culture. We are always working hard to ensure that our junior group programmes are educational, inspiring and excellent value for money.

Our junior groups are divided into two categories: Summer Groups and All-Year-Round Groups. The outlines of these categories are listed below. 

Summer Groups

Groups coming to study during the summer months (July and August) can choose from a large variety of our residential and homestay summer centres. With over 10 locations throughout the UK, groups are able to find the best destination for them. Each of our summer camps has their own weekly programme of classes, activities and excursions. There are also exciting teaching and activity supplements on offer at selected centres, ranging from our premier league football experience through to our Trinity Exam preparation courses. To find out more, click here to visit our dedicated summer centres section. Summer vacation group courses have mixed classes as standard.

For groups enrolling on one of our summer vacation courses in Ramsgate, we may be able to accept students over the age of 18 within that group as we also have an adult summer programme at our main school. Please note that although part of the group, students over the age of 18 would be classed as adults and as such may have lessons at different times to the rest of their group as well as having a different curfew for evening activities. For more information please use our contact us form to email one of our group sales agents.

All-Year-Round Groups

Groups coming to study outside of the summer (September through to the end of June) are based at our Churchill House Main School in Ramsgate. Our all-year-round group courses are all individually designed – we can alter our classes, activities and excursions to suit any interests or goals. In the past we have organised programmes that focus on a wide range of themes including music, English literature, the media, British culture, sports, tourism, and science. We are extremely flexible with our all-year-round group courses and are willing to do whatever we can to make sure each student makes the most out of their time at Churchill House. Please select any of the options below for some examples of the all-year-round group courses we offer. Non-summer courses have closed classes as standard. 

For groups enrolling on one of our non-summer courses in Ramsgate, we may be able to accept students over the age of 18 within that group as we have closed classes as standard. For more information please use our contact us form to email one of our group sales agents.


At Churchill House we are more than happy to help design unique courses for any special interest groups. We have welcomed junior groups from many different countries, each with their own specific programme requirements. In the past we have organised courses based on leisure, tourism, music, football and many other subjects. Whatever the group and whatever the goals, Churchill House can create a learning and activity programme for you.

With a maximum of 5 students per class and 30 hours of lessons per week, our 2 week crash courses are a cost effective solution for groups of students who need to learn a lot of English within a short period of time.

Preparation for school, national or internationally recognised language tests, such as the Trinity Exam, can be easily incorporated into our group programmes.

For a personal consultation, please use our contact us form to email our groups sales agents