It is important to understand when booking a homestay programme that each and every host family is different. In order to make sure that a student is placed in the most suitable home possible, shortly after booking they will be asked to fill in a accommodation preference questionnaire so that we can find out more about their likes and dislikes. Before that it would be worth considering some of the questions below:

  • Do you care if the family has small children?
  • Would you live in a house with pets?
  • Do you smoke? If so, could you still live in a non-smoking house?
  • If you liked the family would you care that the house was 15 minutes walk from the school?
  • Do you have any special dietary requirements?
  • Do you have any medical allergies?

These questions cover some of our most common accommodation preferences. Being prepared for these questions can really speed up the process of finding the right home for you. Our accommodation department will always endeavor to match each student to a family that suits their needs and preferences. They have many years of experience and a good record of successful matches.

Sometimes the placement process does not always stop with the first family. Sometimes students feel that the home chosen for them is just not right. This is rare for students that have submitted their accommodation preferences and is less likely to happen if we have information about a student’s likes or dislikes. In the event that a student doesn't like their host family, we ask them to come in and visit our accommodation department to discuss the situation where we will find an alternative home if necessary.