During peak summer months (late June to early September) we offer summer vacation courses at our Churchill House main school in Ramsgate. These courses combine General English lessons with an optional programme of fun leisure activities and exciting excursions.

English Level

All English language levels are acceptable for this course. If you have any special requirements (for example, you are a complete beginner, very advanced or you need some specialist subject training) please use our contact us form to email one of our sales agents who will be happy to advise you further.

Course Length & Start Dates

Courses start at a minimum of 2 weeks. The maximum course length is 8 weeks for students over 18 and 10 weeks for students aged between 16 and 17.

Adult summer courses start on any Monday between June 17th and August 25th, 2018


Students choosing our summer vacation course will receive our standard General English classes during the day. This course consists of 20 lessons (15 hours of teaching time) per week. Students receive 3 hours of teaching time and a 20 minute coffee break each weekday morning. Our adult summer classes generally start earlier than non-summer classes (between 08:15 and 09:00) and are scheduled to finish between 11:35 and 12:20, although this may be change if necessary. Our summer courses follow a syllabus which is primarily designed to develop the four skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening, and to increase awareness of how English works.

Elective Classes

As well as having 15 hours of teaching each week as part of the standard General English course, students also have the option to upgrade their studies by choosing any of our elective classes. We have two courses of upgrades available:

  • Intensive 26 is our first upgrade and includes 26 lessons (20 hours of teaching time) per week. This course consists of 15 hours of General English tuition and 2 afternoons of an elective course (an extra 5 hours) per week
  • Intensive 32 is our final upgrade and includes 32 lessons (25 hours of teaching time) per week. This course consists of 15 hour of General English tuition and 4 afternoons of two elective courses (an extra 10 hours) per week

Students receive two and a half hours of teaching time and a 20 minute coffee break during each elective class. Lessons take place from Monday to Thursday. Generally, our summer elective classes are scheduled from 12:30 to 15:20, although this may change if necessary. Our elective classes allow students to focus their studies on specific areas of English language in order to achieve their own personal goals. Students can choose from a range of elective subjects that includes: English for Business, IELTS preparation, English for Academic Purposes or one of the skills development subjects – Listening, Pronunciation, Speaking or Writing. To view our electives brochure, simply click on the icon located on the left hand side of this page.

Course Objectives

  • To improve the confidence of each student when using English
  • To combine learning English with the relaxed, fun atmosphere of a summer holiday
  • To improve the core skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) of each student
  • To improve each student’s understanding of English structures, rules and grammar
  • To provide a platform for students’ continued language learning after they leave us

Social Programme

Students choosing our standard summer vacation package can combine their course with a carefully designed leisure programme that offers a variety of activities, sports and excursions. There are two different activity options available for students choosing our summer programmes:

  • Standard Programme (also known as “activity programme”) – this includes 5 free evening activities for students aged 16+. This programme also includes free afternoon activities for students aged 16-17. This option is included as standard in the price of our summer vacation courses
  • Excursion Programme (also known as “activity programme plus”) – this includes the free activities listed above as well as one half-day trip during the week (usually Wednesday) and one full-day excursion at the weekend

Our Social Club is responsible for organising weekly leisure schedules and students are able to book extra activities and excursions throughout the summer. For more information, simply click here to visit our Ramsgate social life webpage or use our contact us form to ask any questions you may have.


Accommodation is also included in the standard summer vacation course package. The option that comes with the standard package is a shared room in host family accommodation. Breakfast and dinner is also included and provided at home by your host family.

Churchill House offers other homestay and self-catering accommodation options during the summer, which are available for a supplement. For more information, please consult our main school price list located on the left hand side of this page or simply use our contact us form to ask any questions you may have.

Extra Information

  • The cost of a summer vacation course for students aged 18 and over starts at £220 and can cost more depending on the lessons/activity programme chosen
  • The cost of a summer vacation course for students aged between 16 and 17 ranges from £440 - £570 per week depending on the activity programme and start date chosen
  • The minimum enrolment age for this course is 16. Students aged between 16 and 17 will be considered as Young Adults - please click here to find out more about Young Adult courses.
  • The maximum class size on this course is 14
  • The school is closed on the following UK bank holiday dates in 2020 – 01/01, 10/04, 13/04, 08/05, 28/05, 31/08, 25/12 and 28/12
  • Course textbooks are free for all adult students but we do require an initial deposit (approx. £30). Students will change their course books each month as they progress up through the school levels. At the end of their course students have a choice to either return their final book to our bookshop and receive back their full deposit (providing the book is undamaged) or simply take the book home with them
  • For afternoon elective classes, the teacher will bring in all the class materials that students need