Our one-to-one tuition programmes match a student to their own private teacher. At Churchill House we have two personal tuition programmes:

  • One-to-One Lessons – these are scheduled by the hour and usually take place in the afternoon (if only a few hours per week are required). Students wanting more lessons (15+ hours teaching time) would likely have classes in both the morning and afternoon. These lessons can concentrate either on General English or on any specialist areas that the student is interested in (such as business, work presentations, marketing or management
  • English Extra – this course combines 15 teaching hours of our standard General English programme with between 5-15 hours of one-to-one lessons (as described above). The General English lessons usually take place in the mornings and the one-to-one lessons usually take place in the afternoon

Benefits of One-to-One Tuition

  • Lessons can be tailor-made to a student’s specific interests and needs
  • Teachers can assess their student’s learning requirements and will adapt the teaching methods to their learning style and pace.

English Level

All English language levels are acceptable for this course.

Course Length & Start Dates

Courses start at a minimum of 2 weeks. There is no maximum course length.

We are rarely able to accept one-to-one course bookings in peak summer season (July & August) but can accommodate almost any other Monday start date throughout the rest of the year.


Our General English classes consists of 20 lessons (15 hours of teaching time) per week. Students receive 3 hours of teaching time and a 20 minute coffee break each weekday morning between 09:00 – 12:20 (times may be earlier during July and August).

One-to-One Classes

Timings and class length will be dependent on the course chosen by the student. One-to-One classes will generally take place in the afternoon from 13:30 onward. The material covered in lessons will also be dependent on the specific focus chosen by the student when booking their course.

Course Objectives

  • To help student achieve the particular targets they have set themselves
  • To improve the confidence of each student when using English
  • To assist the student to develop their own learning strategies to achieve continued improvement beyond the course

Extra Information

  • The cost of our one-to-one classes is £35 per hour
  • The cost of an English Extra course ranges from £395 - £745 per week depending on the amount of hours booked. Please consult our main school price list located on the left hand side of this page for more details on pricing and further course options
  • The minimum enrolment age for this course is 16. Students aged between 16 and 17 will be considered as Young Adults - please click here to find out more about Young Adult courses.
  • The maximum General English class size is 14. One-on-One classes have a maximum class size of 1
  • The school is closed on the following UK bank holiday dates in 2020 – 01/01, 10/04, 13/04, 08/05, 28/05, 31/08, 25/12 and 28/12
  • The school is closed from 21 December 2020 to 4 January 2021 for this year’s Christmas holiday
  • Course textbooks are available to hire all adult students but we do require an initial deposit (approx. £30). Students will change their course books as they progress up through the school levels. At the end of their course students have a choice to either return their final book to our bookshop and receive back their full deposit (providing the book is undamaged) or simply take the book home with them
  • For one-on-one classes, the teacher will bring in all the class materials that students need