Churchill House School of English Language is based in three separate buildings on Spencer Square, a charming Victorian era street with a central garden area. Our three buildings are detailed below.

42 Spencer Square

Churchill House's Spencer Square office building

This building is home to our head office and is where our many different departments work. For anyone needing to see the academic director, social club, accommodation or sales departments, this is the building to visit. It is also the home of our reception department and will be the place where all new students will need to come on their first day to register with us. Our reception is located to the left, immediately after entering through the door of our main entrance.

Also on ground floor of the building is our student lounge with comfy chairs, student noticeboards, and a patio garden at the rear entrance complete with picnic tables.

The Paragon Building

Churchill House's Paragon teaching building

This building is home to many of our classrooms, Rosetta Stone room, internet café, prayer room, and our student venue – the Clubroom. Any student that is assigned a class with a “P” at the front of it (for example, “P34”) will have their classes in this building.

Located on the top floor of this building is our Student Learning Zone, including the Rosetta Stone room and Internet Café, to assist our students in their independent learning. Paper-based study materials are also available.

Downstairs in this building is our students-only recreational area. Known as the Clubroom, this area serves drinks and snacks throughout the morning and is also the school’s canteen for lunch. At night time, it becomes our venue for evening activities. For students over 18 years of age, the Churchill Tavern pub is on the ground floor of the Paragon building. The tavern is great for food, coffees and socialising during both the day and night. For more information about these facilities please click the relevant options on the left hand side of this page.

The Executive Centre

Churchill House's Executive Centre classroom building

This building is made up of classrooms spread over two floors and a small tuck shop that is run by the school and open only during peak periods. Any student that is assigned a class with an “E” at the front of it (for example “E07”) will have their lessons in this building.