The clubroom is a venue just for students and staff of Churchill House. It is a big room with plenty of seating, a food service area, toilet facilities and a pool table. We use it throughout the day in the following ways:

Drinks and Snacks

During break times for morning classes, the Clubroom is open for drinks and snacks. We serve coffees, chocolate bars, sandwiches and much more at reasonable prices.

Lunchtime Canteen

After morning classes, there is a hot lunch service in the Clubroom. There is always a variety of options available from salads, to pasta dishes, to curries. All the hot food is made fresh that day by our friendly and helpful catering company.

Students that have paid for full board with the school will be given a token to use for their lunch every day. Students that have not paid for full board may still come to the Clubroom and pay on the day for their lunch.

Evening Activity Venue

At Churchill House we run an varied programme of evening activities. Whether it be a party, karaoke or sports night, the Clubroom is a friendly and safe venue for students to come and socialise with their fellow classmates.

The clubroom is an excellent venue for nightly events. It has a dance floor, professional sound and lighting, plenty of seating and a fully stocked bar which can serve soft drinks for students under 18 and alcoholic beverages for adults later in the night. It is a popular and fun place to spend the night and a great way to make new friends in the school.