Churchill House School of English Language is based in the traditional seaside town of Ramsgate. Our town is most famous for its golden, sandy beaches, its Royal Harbour and its Georgian and Victorian buildings. When you think of the English seaside with its buckets and spades or fish and chips, you are probably imagining something that looks exactly like Ramsgate.

We are also blessed with some of the best weather in the country. Ramsgate is set in the county of Kent, which is also known as the “Garden of England” due to its rolling fields and glorious long summer days. Of course it still rains every so often, were are still in England!

Ramsgate has an incredibly rich history. It was the site of Roman and Viking invasions, a garrison town during the Napoleonic war, a seaside holiday resort in the Regency and Victorian eras and the launching point of the famous evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. We have also seen a great share of famous people visit our town from King George IV who made our harbour a Royal one, St. Augustine who landed nearby and became the first ever Archbishop of Canterbury and the artist Vincent van Gogh taught in the area and even lived in Spencer Square, the same street where Churchill House is based.

But Ramsgate isn’t just a historic town, it is also a modern place to live with a busy nightlife and lots to see and do in the area. Please take a look at the leisure facility and museum links on the left hand side of this page to discover some of the things to see and do in and around our town.


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