Our Mission

The mission of Churchill House School of English is to help students communicate more effectively across international borders and cultures.

We want to help students achieve their personal and professional goals by offering a range of courses designed to improve communication skills. We know that helping people to communicate more effectively leads to greater personal and business success.

We believe that the best country to learn English in is England. Our aim is to remain large enough to be able to offer a wide range of courses, class levels and different nationalities in the class, yet small enough to ensure an individual interest in the studies of each student. Our teaching is balanced with good accommodation and well-designed leisure programmes, all of which are equally important.

Our Philosophy

Churchill House is a medium sized school, neither so large that a student becomes merely a number, nor so small that good organisation and a wide range of teaching facilities and levels are impossible. Over the course of a year we usually welcome students from between 40 to 50 different nationalities.

Students live and learn within a student body that has a diverse range of ages, cultures and backgrounds. At Churchill House, this diversity is regarded as a positive element of the school and everyone works happily together in the warm, friendly, family atmosphere for which we are famous.

At Churchill House we have an admission policy that attempts to make sure there are never too many students from any one country at any one time. In this way, we aim to ensure that Churchill House keeps its truly multi-national character.

Our Promise

We are the perfect choice for students that want to learn English under the guidance of professional staff in a warm and informal atmosphere. We promise all students that we will do everything possible to ensure that their time with us will be both successful and enjoyable.