Activities can play a very important part in the personal and cultural development of our students. The Social Club strives to ensure that it is always providing four cornerstones which it believes are essential for each student to experience during their time at Churchill House – cultural opportunities, new experiences, individual growth and new responsibilities.

Cultural Opportunities

Churchill House School of English prides itself on the opportunities it offers students to immerse themselves in British Culture. Our leisure programme is essential to this immersion. We tailor our activities to promote a cultural education and develop each student’s understanding of and integration within the country they are visiting.

New Experiences

Churchill House School of English understands the surprises that can come from leaving countries and cultures that are familiar to experience a new environment. Many of the school’s students will be visiting the UK for the first time and all our members of staff place the utmost importance upon making sure each student’s transition is made as positive an experience as possible.

Individual Growth

We always strive to provide a platform upon which all students can blossom. Activities provided by the school are deliberately crafted to encourage students to garner the most from their experiences. All activity programmes at Churchill House School of English are primarily a service to provide learning through leisure. The school’s activities department focuses its attention on engaging with students to create a programme that balances activities which invoke student participation whilst remaining beneficial and educational.

New Responsibilities

At Churchill House School of English Language we always try to facilitate the development of each student - be it inside or outside the classroom. To do so, each student is given their own responsibilities whilst studying at the school. Be it the early stages of maturation when students are required to discover the basics of adulthood (waking up on time, getting to/from school or learning to be responsible for their own money) or during latter stages of life where students are required to govern their own relationships with education, peer groups and personal development. Churchill House School of English Language will always do the utmost possible to support and challenge students with their responsibility to be the best possible student and person they can be.