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Churchill House is now recruiting for summer 2019!

About our Schools

We run English language summer schools for young foreign students at venues around the UK. Students come either in groups or individually and generally stay for between 2 and 4 weeks. While they are with us we teach them English, ensure that they are well looked after and provide them with a full programme of activities and excursions for them to enjoy. Each school has its own character and a different programme on offer to our customers. To find out more about the schools themselves, please visit our customer webpage.

Working for Churchill House Summer Centres

We have a wide range of positions available at our residential summer schools throughout the UK, including teaching, activity leading, pastoral care and management positions. Please click here to view the staff start and end dates for each centre. Our summer schools offer interesting and varied work with competitive salaries, full board residential accommodation and the support of our experienced team. In return, we ask for commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism from our staff, as we aim to give our students the best possible experience from coming to our schools. If you are looking for a job that is exciting, rewarding and challenging, please read the job descriptions below.

Quality & Training Manager

A senior position - Visits centres on behalf of Head Office and provides training/support to the centre management team

Centre Manager

Responsible for the overall management of the summer school and the care of the students

Activity Manager (AM)

Manager of the leisure programme and line-manages all staff taking part

Director of Studies

Manager of the academic programme and the teaching staff at a summer centre

Assistant Director of Studies

Assists the DOS in managing the teaching team and providing academic support

Senior Teacher

Experienced teachers with extra responsibilities in supporting the teaching team

EFL Teacher

Teaches English and also plays a big part in the activity and excursion programme

Activity Leader (AL)

Responsible for planning and running activity sessions and excursions

Senior Activity Leaders

Experienced ALs that help the AM run the activities programme

Student Liaison Officers (SLO)

Take the lead role in supervising and mentoring students

Centre Administrators

Provides administrative support to the management team at the school.